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Auditing in China

Improve your auditing skills and communication techniques for
1st and 2nd party audits

Anmelde-Nr.: 81233014H0


Altdorf bei Nürnberg


Di, 17.11.2020, 9.15 bis 17.00 Uhr


EUR 730,00
(mehrwertsteuerfrei, einschließlich Seminarunterlagen, Pausengetränken und Mittagessen)

Training Content

Auditing in China

Working together with suppliers and subsidiaries in China, you will eventually be facing with the need of auditing them.
Not willing to trust consultants with only superficial knowledge about your company and products, your own employees from quality management or purchasing department might have to travel to China.
In this case not only English language skills are necessary but also intercultural competence and its relevance for the auditing process.
The 2nd party audit is a central tool to select and assess a supplier and therefore directly involved in the entire value chain of the company.
1st party audits have a similar target because subsidiaries are taking the role of the customers and suppliers in an inhouse setting. Product quality and processes should be synchronized and smooth running like external business processes.
In this training you will learn how to use concepts and special procedures to achieve successful audits for you and your business partners. It contains linguistic tips & tricks as well as Do’s and Don’ts in the Chinese business world
Hands-on experience provides higher confidence in
  • Formulating ”proper“ questions during the audit
  • Improving your communication competence with Chinese business partners
  • Dealing with challenging audit- and dialogue partners in China

You will pass through the whole auditing process from preparation to the tracking of corrective actions by using group work and role plays exercises.
Additional there will be enough room for exchange of experience between the participants and the trainer.


Auditing in China

  1. Round of introductions
    • Self introduction of the participants and exchange about audit experience and intercultural projects
    • Basic understanding of Chinese behaviour
    • Special culture characteristics and historical background
    • Social skills and business etiquette. Do's and don'ts in China
    • Welcoming, personal introduction, farewell -
      How to do it right!
  2. Audit planning
    • Creating the audit program
    • Preparing the procedure (how to get information)
    • Assessing information
  3. operation of audit
    • „Authorization“ of the audit in China
    • Confident and appropriate behaviour
    • Creating a positive conversation atmosphere (body language, attitude)
    • Questioning techniques
    • Dealing with objections and critical commentaries and questions (difficult audit situation)
    • Creating checklists (turtle diagram, pdca-cycle, ishikawa diagram, 5 Whys technique, 8D Problem Solving, etc.)
  4. evaluation and report
    • How to create an audit report
    • Formulation of corecctive actions
    • Recommendations
    • Planning and tracking of corrective actions
    • Further tips & tricks around the audit

Intended Audience:

Anyone involved in or responsible for audits in China.
Including professionals and executives from the areas of supply management, management systems, quality assurance and production as well as 1st and 2nd party auditors.
Good English skills are required.


Marek Cichowski, CEO at Seamless QM UG, Munich,
experienced project manager of complex IT projects.
Long-standing leadership experience in well-known companies in the telecom business thereof 7 years in China.


Speech, practical examples, discussion, group work, training materials


You will receive a qualified certificate of participation at the end of the training containing a detailed list of the topics dealt with.
This training will be accepted for recertification in quality management.

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